Cross-React: Prediction of allergen cross-reactivity

For cross-reactivity prediction, please select group of amino acids in epitope location, and upload a PDB file of interest. The server will use this information to search all allergenic protein structures listed in Structural database of allergenic protein, SDAP. Please do not upload a PDB complex. Use only one PDB chain name or a monomeric protein structure. You can use a PDB id or one word for your pdbfile name. Average processing time per query is ~90 sec.

Latest release version 2.0. Minor bug fixed from version 1. Now users can search more than 1500 allergen structures available in in SDAP database for crossreactivity.

Negi SS and Braun W, Cross-React: a new structural bioinformatics method for predicting allergen cross-reactivity. Bioinformatics 33 (7): 1014-1020, 2017. pdf
Note: If you have a protein complex, then list of amino acids in IgE binding site can be calculated from or utility.

For information purpose only

e.g 0.8


How to use the webserver:
Please see below a screenshot for the cross-react analysis of Bet v 1.

Example input from the WebServer.
Example output from the WebServer.


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